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International Talk Like A Pirate Day By: Beth Rogers, Founder

  Since 2002, hearty and fun-loving men and women everywhere have been celebrating the obscure holiday of “Talk Like a Pirate” Day on September 19.  Yes, for a full 24 hours,… Read the Full Post



Point Taken is proud to partner with t3Interactive to bring PresentR® - the latest technology in training - into our workshops. Participants benefit from live presentations skills coaching with Point Taken and then sustain their learning… Read More

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Mastering Impromptu Speaking Skills Boosts Confidence

Part stand-up, part presentation, SlideShow Karaoke teaches you how to think on your feet, present with confidence even when your content is difficult to articulate. Volunteer participants present slides they’ve never seen before, learning to hone their improvisational skills. After the group is warmed up, the instructor provides coaching on how to make their content even more effective. Learn More


We hope you had fun Talking like a Pirate today! Here is one more set of pirate talking tips! #ITLAPD2016 !