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Negotiation Skills: Dance with me? By: Beth Rogers, Founder

It’s been said that negotiations are much like the game of chess. There is the back and forth nature of discussion, the willingness to lose something - like a pawn - in order to take the queen, and the person… Read the Full Post


Cross Cultural Communication

How do cultural differences affect our behavior, and contribute to both problems - and opportunities in the workplace? We explore these issues, and provide context for multi cultural teams to work together more effectively. Culture is… Read More

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Point Taken Now Runs Workshops in Spanish

Our instructors speak your language -literally. We can conduct our workshops in English or Spanish, in order to serve a wider audience of clients. Our team has in depth knowledge of communication skills and industry. Our instructors who are native Spanish speaker are versed in all of our content and can coach your team to be their very best. See for yourself.


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