• The Presentation Skills Workshop by Point Taken was absolutely awesome! I have always wanted to conquer my fear of public speaking and become a confident, competent presenter. I have taken a number of different classes and workshops toward this effort, but after taking Point Taken's class, I came away with concrete skills that took my presentation skills to the next level. It was amazing how well we were all presenting by the end of the day--it was like we were transformed into professional speakers! I felt like I was watching a magician pull back the curtain and show us the trick behind the magic! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend!

    R.M., Boston University
  • The instructor was all the things she was lecturing about, engaging, informative and well-spoken. I've been to many other lectures of this kind but this was outstanding.

  • Excellent interaction, the opportunity to participate was invaluable. The instructor was great! I am a better speaker after today.

  • Public speaking is definitely not a first love, but after attending this session, I’m actually eager to try some of the suggestions.

  • Tremendous presentation -- great content, high energy and high entertainment level. Truly one of the best I have heard.

  • The speaker was animated and nicely engaging. Good information was delivered in a relatively short time frame.

  • EXCELLENT! Kept my attention for two hours (at a time when I wasn’t fully ready to give it!). Very informative, helpful and enjoyable.

  • I was anxious at the start when I discovered I had to present; in the end, that was the best part of the class.

  • Excellent information that will help me facilitate more effective presentations to my district. When I was presenting, the feedback was very helpful.

  • I have always done very well at presentation skills training in the past, but REALLY learned today.

  • I found this course to be very helpful. I noticed a big improvement in myself and my colleagues.

  • I got a tremendous amount of valuable information from this day. I feel that my presentation skills have improved dramatically. I also enjoyed the high degree of interaction.

  • Thanks for bringing practical training and information to us in a fun and helpful manner!

  • Very well structured and delivered. The instructor made good use of her techniques during her own presentation.

  • The course was great because of the interactive activity (videotaping and exercising). The instructor was very engaging.

  • Best self-help course I have taken in my whole professional career.

  • I feel the course was a great reinforcement of public speaking theories and great feedback on practical application! I wish it could have been longer.