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Who We Are

We are great coaches.

We thrive on addressing unique business problems that require new levels of communication skill. We provide workshops, individual coaching, and any number of training formats to help you build expertise. We won’t know what your team needs until we know your specific challenges, but whatever we do, it will be fun, fast-paced and interactive.

(Yes, we said fun.)

People like to learn, but no one likes being forced to learn. In fact, the easiest way to learn is when it feels like play, not work. Our seasoned, capable consultants love their work, and create a fun atmosphere where participants enjoy learning.

Whatever the challenge, we’re passionate about making you a stronger, better communicator and a more effective leader. We get at the great ideas in your head, help you talk about them in relatable ways, and turn those ideas into action.

We work with you to help you succeed.

Hi there. We’re Point Taken Consulting®. Let’s talk.